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Dear Students and Friends,
Classes at Divine Life Yoga are taught in the Studio and on Zoom. This allows you to be instructed and practice with me and your fellow students whether at home or in the Studio. However, I do encourage you to take classes at the Studio. There is more interaction between teacher and student when in the Studio.

At Divine Life Yoga you stretch, strengthen, relax your body and quiet your mind. You learn about yourself as you explore the yoga postures and experience the calming effects of the breathing practices. Classes take place in an environment of serenity, harmony and relaxation, and conclude with ten minutes of pranayama and seated, quiet time. Students are encouraged and supported in creating a home yoga practice. Classes are geared towards the 40 year and older population of student who wants to stay young and healthy with the practice of yoga. However, there are students of all ages who participate in classes.

If you wish to attend a complimentary class, let me know by phone or email. You can attend in person or on Zoom. I will make space for you in the Studio and/or send you the Zoom link for the class you wish to attend. If you register for a Studio class, you can attend as many Zoom classes per week as you like for the same fee. If you join us mid-session, the fee will be prorated accordingly.

Our eight-week Summer session will end on Thursday, August 31, 2023. Our twelve-week Fall session will begin on Tuesday, September 19, 2023.

May the Fall be a time to rejuvenate and relax as the season changes. During this time, allow the study and practice of yoga to quiet you as you go within, renewing and revitalizing body, mind and spirit. To support and inspire your yoga experience, join me for the Fall session.

I can be reached 301-924-5164 or at hillary@divinelifeyoga.com.


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